Office Space Planning

Maximise the potential of your office’s space.

What is office space planning?

Accent continue to deliver a full space planning service with our knowledge of building regulations and building fabrics.  There are many opportunities for space planning an office or building space, and it’s the office space planning that will deliver a great workspace that enables a positive culture to grow.  We use various ways to demonstrate this, including 3D visualisation tools.

Another good initiative particularly when taking a new floorplate is to mark out the new layout on the floor ahead of the build – this helps people to really feel themselves in the building. Accent’s office space planning service is fundamental to many of our services, including office fit outsinterior design and office relocation.

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How can office space planning help your business?

Seeing through the trees in terms of opportunity can make office space planning inspirational and enjoyable – not limiting. Accent’s office space planning service allows businesses to take control of their workspace and create a solution that is more effective and inspiring. We’re experienced as a team in seeing beyond the “now” of a building and office space, to the “tomorrow” of alternative opportunities for your office that can boost productivity and enjoyment of employees.

Too many organisations go on the gut feeling of how much office space they need – we’ve educated many of our clients to introduce newer smarter ways of working that reduce the footprint, and bring teams together. To learn more about our office space planning service, enquire now with our expert team.

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