Collaborative workspaces – getting the most from your team

team collaboration

In today’s fast-paced world of work, changes are happening every day. Collaboration would rarely have even been considered 10 years ago, but today is now an integral principle of workplace design. Long gone are the drab office décor, the claustrophobic cubicles and the stuffy boardrooms. Today’s modern workspaces should be bright, light and designed to encourage open communication and collaborative working.

Space planning
As experts in our field, our team understand the challenges in redesigning a workspace to foster collaboration, creativity, productivity and open communication. Workspace ‘flow’ is an important stage of space planning and one that must not be overlooked. There’s no ‘one size fits all’ when it comes to space planning as every business has different requirements varying from break out rooms, open plan spaces, relaxation spaces, and private and public meeting zones.

Communicating your brand and ethos can help to make a great first impression on your clients and new employees. Incorporating branding in your workspace design can also build loyalty and engagement and help to keep your employees aligned with your singular brand vision.

For example, if your brand is quirky and playful, bright colours and flexible workspace furniture will help to bring your collaborative workspace to life. Plus including your brand values around the workspace like teamwork, mindfulness, and commitment, can also prompt your team to stay true to what your business stands for.

Increased flexibility
A collaborative workspace should provide your team with an increased level of flexibility in how, where and when they work. When your teams are collaborating, it encourages a culture of continuous learning that doesn’t have to take place at a desk or in a meeting room.

Collaboration naturally inspires opportunities for growth and development, as well as failures from which to learn from. It enables your team to freely and confidently innovate together and take your business to the next level.

Midfix office designed by Accent Office

Work and play
The idea of collaboration should extend beyond the day-to-day work challenges, and a break out space will facilitate your team to share and connect with colleagues in a more informal setting during the working day. This helps to develop a strong workplace culture and forges working relationships that can boost productivity and creativity.

Creating spaces where people love to work
A recent survey* of 2,000 UK office workers reported that 28 percent described their workplace as “outdated and dull”, and just under half of office workers say that “there is limited or no collaboration between workers in their office” proving that in spite of seeing this huge shift in the demand for collaborative workspaces, there is still a way to go.

Collaborate with Accent on your upcoming project and talk to us about redesigning your new workspace to encourage collaboration. We believe in providing better working environments to facilitate creativity, innovation and collaboration in your team. Contact us now. We provide interior design, office refurbishment, and office relocation services.