Ergonomics of home working – written during COVID19 crisis.

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With the current conditions affecting workplaces. we are seeing people all over the world beginning to work remotely. Many are saying this has only fast-tracked the working from home (WFH) trend that was emerging and is now driving organisational change.

In the view of schools closing many employees would rely on being able to work from home to ensure they can care for their children. It is going to become more prominent in the next coming weeks to months and all employees and employers should be thinking of how to implement this style of working style.

There are many employer benefits to the employees working from home, a few as follows:

  • Lower operating costs for your business
  • Saves on office space
  • Improved employee retention
  • Flexibility can attract new talent for your company
  • Of course, this can help minimise the spread of viruses and illnesses – not just COVID19.

Most Important Factors to Consider When Working From Home (WFH):


Using both natural and artificial light in your home office set up can reduce the risk of headaches and eye strain. Also, natural light has been proven to improve mood, focus and sleep.


Being in a home working environment sparks an entirely different mindset. It is all so easy for people to forget how long they have been sitting in the same position, as well as not allowing themselves access to fresh air. Wellbeing in the workplace is all about getting moving and not sitting for too long, don’t forget to transfer this to your new workspace, wherever it may be.


It is easier than you think to forget to drink water, especially being at home. Staying hydrated can keep you energised and reduces the likelihood of getting migraines. So, set up regular reminders to have a pint (of water).

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There can be a lot of distractions at home, a whole lot more than the office. It is important to take yourself to a quiet, out of the way area, and set boundaries with anyone at home. Numerous distractions can affect your productivity and concentration.

Lone Working

For many people that haven’t done WFH before or are used to working in a busy office environment, it can be a daunting experience. Many of us don’t realise the impact of not having regular social interactions throughout the day. At the office these are natural and unavoidable instances, so at home make a conscious effort to keep in touch, have a chat and speak virtually face to face where possible.

Desk & chair height

Desk and chair set up is often the main reason for fatigue and causes the onset of back & posture issues. Make sure your new office is set up comfortably, make sure you know how to adjust your furniture and if you are not sure on anything check with the DSE guidelines:

TIP: Your desk should be positioned so that you can type on the keyboard with your elbows bent at 45°.

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How to Stay Connected – Technology is Key!

Many of us are thankful for the innovative advances in technology that can bring us together when we can’t physically be there.

There are many apps out there for instant messaging in business settings such as Team Viewer or Google Hangouts.  These are great for staying in touch with colleagues and for any quick questions you may need to ask. If you haven’t already, install software such as Zoom or Microsoft Teams. This may be your only form of visual human contact so make sure it is set up ready to go! Check beforehand that you have a good quality camera, microphone and that your internet connection is reliable.  Having the correct equipment is paramount to ensuring you can communicate with the outside world.  Other to that, try to attend virtual meetings in a quiet location if possible.

Don’t forget to socialise with your colleagues as usual – catch up on their weekend or discuss last night’s TV, this sort of ‘life outside of work’ communication is vital especially when lone working. As we are seeing lots of companies come together and raise morale during uncertain times by introducing their pets, eating and socialising with each other still via video calls with colleagues.

At Accent we are doing everything we can to help out in the current situation. We are offering ‘work from home’ packages for anyone needing a quick set up in the next few weeks. As well as our usual fit out and refurbishment services. Whilst offices are near empty, with many employees being told to stay away from the office, this is an ideal time to deep clean, freshen up, design and install new practices and procedures for your business.

If you need help getting your office ready or finding the right furniture for your new home office, please get in touch. We provide interior design, office refurbishment, and office relocation services.

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