Office Technologies That Are Transforming The Workplace

Workplaces are changing rapidly thanks to new office technologies. Organisations have started using smart building systems and Internet of Things devices to create smarter, more responsive, eco-friendly spaces for everyone.

Integrating intelligent technologies should be a top priority as you renovate your office to make work environments modern and practical for employees.



Smart lighting is changing how offices look and feel. Instead of standard overhead lights, companies are installing internet-connected LED fixtures that employees can control from their phones. You can set your preferences to get the proper lighting for your work.

These systems also have sensors that automatically adjust the brightness and turn lights on and off as people come and go, helping save energy.

Zoning the open office space so that different areas have smart control systems allows personalisation based on what people are doing. So, you might have brighter light over collaboration areas and let your workers adjust those lights themselves.

In addition to customisable task lighting, some companies use colour-changing ambient lighting to make spaces more inviting and aligned with natural light cycles.

With app-controlled LED strip lighting behind monitors or furnishings, you can create a space that helps boost focus, mood, and health during the day.

Automated Blinds and Shades

One convenient office upgrade is installing motorised blinds you can open right from your phone. Instead of manually opening and closing every blind, employees can use an app or ask out loud to raise, tilt or adjust them.

Some high-tech blinds even connect to light sensors that automatically position them at the optimal angle, letting in plenty of natural daylight without causing disruptive glares on computer screens when the sun is at certain angles.

Automatically opening and closing the blinds helps make the best use of sunlight and saves energy simultaneously. When it’s brighter outside, the blinds know to close enough to keep the office nice and cool, cutting down on air conditioning costs.

Everyone benefits from a more comfortable environment. It’s an easy way to make workspaces smarter, greener, and simpler daily.

Voice Control and Building Automation

Having voice assistants built into the office is getting popular. Companies are putting cloud-connected smart speakers like the Amazon Echo Dot in places around the office for hands-free help. Employees can ask out loud to adjust things like the lighting or temperature without having to flip a switch or mess with thermostats.

The options get even cooler when you link these smart speakers to the building’s automation system. Ask the assistant, maybe Alexa or another AI, to turn up the heat or cue something on the AV display, which happens automatically.

Enhanced Analytics and Environmental Monitoring

Today’s offices use more than just smart tech for the basics, like lighting and temperature. Companies are finding clever ways to make many office aspects more intelligent and efficient.

For meeting rooms, digital displays placed right outside now show real-time occupancy and booking status to eliminate double-booking headaches. Sensors throughout the office collect data on how many different spaces are used.

Facilities managers can use this utilisation info to evolve office layouts over time. Other sensors continuously monitor air quality and noise levels, alerting staff to issues before they become problems and ensuring optimal conditions.