Office Relocation

Relocate your office with confidence.

What is an office relocation?

In short, this is helping clients move from their current office premises to another of their choosing. At Accent, we support the whole office relocation process from start to finish. In the planning phase, we’ll ensure the foundations for the move are secured, from helping you to identify the right commercial building sourcing and/or transporting new and existing furniture, all the way through to designing and fitting out the new workspace.

At Accent, we provide forward-thinking companies with everything they need to make a relocation as efficient and effective as possible. The best workspaces are a result of creative thinking and thought-out people-focused design.

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How can we support your office relocation?

Relocations can become complex, inefficient, and costly. Accent’s turnkey solution takes away the hassle and stress of office relocations and moving services, enabling our clients to stay involved every step of the way and focus on the trading of their own business undistracted. With our project capabilities and experience, we’re able to act fast, reducing the time, costs and risks involved in moving. The end result is an office that breeds success, retains top talent and exceeds expectations.

Our highly regarded industry knowledge is something we want to share. It’s part of our own business model. We know how to create a workspace that is appealing and efficient for staff, but that leaves a lasting impression on clients and other visitors. We even manage the transfer of personal belongings from your old office to your welcoming new home! For our office relocation service, get in touch with our team now.

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